Home Design Ideas for your New Seattle Home

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Home Design Ideas for your New Seattle Home

The process of designing and building a new home in Seattle, WA can be very, very exciting, especially when you consider the full range of home design ideas that are available.

Below are just a few of the hottest home design ideas for this part of the state.

  • Contemporary This type of home plan generally features a simple exterior, massive windows and spacious interiors. Although they tend to lack some of the detailing that’s found on more traditional homes, the clean lines can be breathtaking. It’s also worth noting that the vast, open floor plans can be stunning, especially when you combine them with the full flooding of natural light, that floor-to-ceiling windows tend to provide.
  • Bungalow This type of plan will provide you with a home that’s similar to a Craftsman Style house, but in most cases, Bungalow homes are smaller, one-story homes that have a front or rear porch. This style of home design was most popular in the early 1900s, although it’s recently been making a comeback.
  • Cottage People who are building homes in more wooded areas are often attracted to cottage-style home designs. This type of house boasts stucco or shingle exterior walls, small porches, balconies and bay windows. Most cottage homes are either one or two stories.
  • Craftsman Craftsman-style homes are great for those who want a warm, cozy feeling for their house. Many are designed with reading or breakfast nooks, and the spaces between the family room, dining room and kitchen are often free flowing.
  • Farmhouse Farmhouse-style homes are also a popular option for those who are wanting to build homes outside of city limits. They commonly have gabled roofs, wrap-around verandas and it’s not unusual for them to include generous, outdoor porch areas. Floorplans are typically centered around a large, eat-in kitchen.
  • Modern Much like contemporary home designs, modern homes focus on clean lines, natural light and open layouts. They tend to have shallow-pitched (or flat) roofs, lots of large windows and simple, unornamented exterior walls.
  • Ranch This is another popular home design that can be found in communities throughout the US and Canada. Ranch-style homes are generally single-story dwellings that have wide, expansive patios. They feature open layouts that help enhance the feel of indoor-outdoor living.
  • Traditional These types of homes don’t fit neatly into one of the above-listed categories, but that’s not to say they’re not equally breathtaking. They can feature columns, dormers and gables and some of the more popular designs are two stories. Windows are spaced symmetrically and the exterior features modest ornamentation.

If you’re in the early stages of designing your new home, there are a number of steps you’ll want to take before you commit to a plan, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t have fun throughout the process.

When you’ve done your research, be sure to choose a designer that you feel is best able to help you turn your new-home dreams into a reality.

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